For Safe, Effective, Long-Lasting Results


Laser Hair Removal is the fastest and most effective way to remove larger areas of unwanted hair. And the results are long-lasting.

All laser hair removal treatments in Ginza, Tokyo at the Ginza Fujii Clinic are performed by professional, fully-qualified Medical Nurses and supervised by Dr. Kazuhito Fujii, M.D. PhD. LFHom. who is on-site and supervising at all times.  So you know you'll be getting the safest, most effective treatment possible. 

And if any questions or concerns arise, Dr. Fujii will be there to take care of you.


New! Introducing the Vectus™ Laser







Dr. Fujii and the Ginza Fujii Clinic are pleased to introduce the new Vectus™ Diode Laser to Ginza Fujii Clinic. 

Specifically designed for Laser Hair Removal, the Vectus™ offers the newest advances in diode laser technology.  The Vectus is:

• Faster, especially for larger areas

• More Powerful, so you'll need fewer treatments to achieve even better long-term results

• More Comfortable, than older technologies.  In fact, it's almost pain-free.

• Safer, than most other lasers

 The Ginza Fujii Clinic is the only clinic to offer the new Vectus™ technology for laser hair removal in Ginza, especially, for the foreign people.

 How Laser Hair Removal Works



Step 1

The hand piece is placed on the skin and an intense pulse of light is emitted.

 Step 2

The dark hair absorbs the light and heats up.

The light skin around it reflects the light and stays cool.

 Step 3

The hair shaft conducts the heat down to the hair follicle.

 Step 4

The heat destroys the cells in the hair follicle where the hair is made.

 Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

 + Will laser hair removal work for me?

 + Why do I need more than one treatment?

 + Does laser hair removal hurt?

 + How much does laser hair removal cost?

 + Do I have to be a certain age for laser hair removal?


 Why we chose the Cynosure Vectus™ Diode Laser




Skintel™ Melanin Reader

 The Vectus™ diode laser is the only Laser Hair Removal System available that offers the patented Skintel™ Melanin Reader. This device measures the actual amount of melanin in your skin before each treatment, so the settings can be tailored precisely to your needs.

 For example, if you had spent a lot of time in the sun since your last treatment, your skin will be more tanned. If the settings on the laser are not adjusted to account for your tan, you run the risk of being burned.

 The Skintel™ will record a higher level of melanin in your skin, and the laser settings will be adjusted accordingly. This will ensure you receive a safe treatment every time, while still maximizing its effectiveness. 
**No other Laser Hair Removal system available today can offer you this level of protection.


 The Vectus™ diode laser is the most powerful Laser Hair Removal System available. 
More power means each treatment will be more effective. And you will require fewer treatments.


 The Cynosure's patented Advanced Contact Cooling™ system, cools the skin continuously during your treatment. For a safer, more comfortable treatment.

 Leading-Edge Technology

 Cynosure Medical Technologies is recognized as a world-leader in the research and development of cosmetic lasers. Many major advances in laser technology have been based on Cynosure research.
This means you're getting the best laser hair removal treatment available.

 I asked these features of Vectus™ Laser that I mentioned above directly to the Bruce M.Byers who is the Vic President, International Division Asia Pacific sales of Cynosure, when I participated in the congress as the cosmetic surgery held in Tokyo in 2017.

 Therefore, I was able to convince the quality of this machine, and I also tried to use it to myself in order to confirm the actual performance of it. I was able to get a satisfying result. That is why I chose Vectus™ Laser for my clinic.

                      With Mr.Bruce M.Byers 

(Of course, I've already got the permission to use this photo for this web-site from him directly.)